Crack Repairs


Poured Concrete Foundation:



  • When a crack is evident, it can readily be repaired from the outside by hand digging 2.5 to 3′ on either side and right down to the footing or weeping tile, creating a hole measuring about 5′ across and to the footing.
  • Before digging, we place plywood on the ground in front of the measured area.  The plywood is used to hold all the dirt from the hole you are about to dig. It’s important to keep things as tidy as possible.
  • Once we have exposed the wall, it is necessary to clean and dry the entire area. This is done with water and a wire brush. All masonry work will be applied prior to applying membrane.
  • A rubberized membrane, is applied to the complete opening of the wall with a trowel.
  • After membrane has been applied, drainage board is installed in front of entire repaired area.
  • The drainage board is applied from above grade, right down to the weeping tile, preventing water pressure from building up in front of the repaired area.
  • Cover up socked weeping tile with 8″ of ¾” clear stone.
  • The hole is backfilled by hand or machine.
  • A hand compactor is used, at the end, to level the dirt for a more smooth even finish.

Concrete Block Foundation:

When repairing a concrete block foundation, apply the same steps above.  The only difference is that you need to identify its direction, as cracking can occur horizontally.