Interior Basement Waterproofing

Interior Basement Waterproofing can often be a cost effective alternative to Exterior Basement Waterproofing.

If your basement is wet, leaking, or prone to flooding you need the help of Basement Waterproofing Professionals.

You can achieve the best basement waterproofing results by hiring a professional waterproofer to install effective waterproofing measures.

However, exterior repairs may not be an option for you as a homeowner. You need to act quickly to fix a leaky or wet basement.

This is where Interior Basement Waterproofing can be an excellent way to quickly deal with your leaky or wet basement and prevent further flooding.


Benefits of Interior Waterproofing

  • No major excavation of your foundation required
  • Completed in a fraction of the time allowing you and your family to get back to enjoying your home sooner
  • Saves you money compared to common exterior waterproofing requirements


Interior Basement Waterproofing Methods

  • Professional grade waterproof drainboard (membrane) is attached to the interior  of your basement walls
  • Perimeter drainage is installed to protect your home from water intrusion from under the concrete floor or from leaks in your foundation walls
  • Water flow is collected and diveted to a sump system or tied into an exsiting floor drain to be pumped away from your home
  • The drainage system will never clog or corrode and will keep your basement dry for the lifetime of your home
  • The drainage board is draped over the footings and the drainage and membrane are sealed with concrete
  • Weeping pipe is tied into your exsiting floor drain or sump pump

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